Genetic Brain Profiling


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You can now have your child's Genetic Brain Profile done and receive monthly e-mails that will highlight an aspect of your child's profile so that you can better understand your child and become an expert on your child's needs.

monthly e-mail

  • Valuable information about your child's profile

  • Tips for dealing with specific issues

  • Tips for homework and studying applicable to your child

  • Members only coupons, specials, freebies, etc.

why should i join?

A Genetic Brain Profile consultation is a two hour information session with lots and lots of important information for your child's development, academic performance, and more.

It's not surprising that people tend to forget some of the knowledge we share.

With tailor made monthly e-mails you will be reminded of the important aspects of your child's profile and receive additional information in a timely manner that will benefit both you and your child.


Gr.RR - Gr.12

Edu-Club has been designed to be beneficial to all students from Grade RR to Grade 12.

You will learn something new about your child every single month you are joined, even if you only join for 6 months*.

The monthly e-mails are tailored to your child's profile and age, so you can be sure to learn something truly valuable and applicable to YOUR child, not just a mass generated random e-mail.

With our monthly tips you will be able to guide your child on a path to success and have our expertise at your fingertips.

Whenever you have questions you can contact us through a dedicated line of communication where we can provide professional insight and help to you, managed by qualified Edu-Profilogists.




  • Monthly e-mails tailored to your child's Genetic Brain Profile and age

    • Valuable information about your child's profile

    • Tips for dealing with specific issues

    • Tips for homework and studying applicable to your child

    • Articles, activities, etc. relevant to your child's age group

    • Members-only coupons, specials, freebies, etc.

  • VIP contact

  • Access to the Edu-Club Membership area on our website

    • ​Tips for every modality​​

    • Informative videos​​

  • 25% Discount on ALL other Edu-Profile services
    (eg. study skills course for the registered child)​



Two options


new client

You can now get your child's Genetic Brain Profile done at an affordable monthly rate!

And you will receive all the benefits of an Edu-Club member.

First child: R150 per month*

Second child: R100 per month*

Third+ child: R50 per month*

SAVE with our annual rates:

First child: R1500 per year

Second child: R1000 per year

Third+ child: R500 per year

*minimum 12 month contract

existing client

Even if you have already had your child's Genetic Brain Profile done, you can still benefit from Edu-Club at a reduced rate.

First child: R36 per month

Second child: R24 per month

Third child: R12 per month

Fourth+ children: FREE

SAVE with our annual rates:

First child: 330 per year

Second child: R220 per year

Third child: R110 per year

Fourth+ children: FREE

terms and conditions

  1. Debit orders will run continuously until the child finishes school or the Edu-Club membership is cancelled.

  2. Membership can be cancelled at any time. No refunds will be processed.

  3. *Monthly debit orders have a minimum subscription of 12 months after which membership may be cancelled at any time. Early cancellation will result in a penalty amount of R1000 per child in order to cover the costs of the Genetic Brain Profiling Assessment.

  4. Upon completion of school or cancellation all Edu-Club benefits will cease, however all information you have received up until that point remains in your possession.

  5. Membership is not transferrable to any other individual.

  6. Please notify us of change in contact details so that you may still receive the club benefits.

  7. Every child requires a membership of his/her own. In the case of more than one sibling having membership, the reduced rates for the second and more children will apply.
    See the
    Costs section for the complete breakdown.

  8. All information communicated to you by Edu-Club is the intellectual property of Edu-Profile, Dr. Annette Lotter & Associates PTY (LTD). The distribution, sharing, and/or selling of any information is illegal and offenders will be prosecuted.