Genetic Brain Profile Test


Find a spot on the opposite side of the room to focus on. Stretch out your arms in front of you, keep them straight, and cross your hands to make a hole to look through.

Without moving your hands or head, close one eye and then the other while looking at the spot.

Which eye did you see the spot with?

Genetic Brain Profiling analyses the brain dominances of 5 modalities: the brain, hand, foot, eye, and ear.

Any combination of left vs right is possible and that gives us 32 profiles. Each of these have three sub-profiles: expressive, receptive, and emotional. Combining all of the possibilities, there are a total of 96 profiles and you are one of them.

Knowing your Genetic Brain Profile will give insight into:

  • your unconscious preferences

  • natural talents

  • normal behaviour

  • how you handle stress

  • what causes stress for you

  • relationship needs

  • your communication style

  • your learning style

  • best suited career options

  • and more

Online Genetic Brain Profiling Assessment
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