Cognosco: Heidi

Cognosco is our study and productivity audio series that helps the listener to work more productively, improve concentration, and also indicates when it is time to break.
Heidi is a 20 minute continuous musical track for our youngest learners: from grade 1-5. Older learners can simply repeat the track twice before taking a break.


Our Cognosco tracks play continuously for a set amount of time which corresponds to the listener's age and average concentration span.

When the track ends, it is time for a break.


A productivity break does not mean watching TV, reading a book, or playing on electronic devices.

It should be an ACTIVE BREAK. Examples include walking the dog, run around the house, playing ball, jogging around the block, etc.

In the workplace even getting up to walk to the coffee station and standing while drinking your coffee or tea will suffice.

A break of 10-15 minutes should be enough before resuming homework, studying, or work.



Edu-Music is a division of Edu-Profile.


Edu-Profile has been helping people in all walks of life to improve their lives and reach their personal success potential through Genetic Brain Profiling.

Cognosco is designed by an Edu-Profilogist with a degree in psychology and music. It strives to provide learners who object to the classic baroque music with study tracks that are not boring while fulfilling all the requirements for good productivity music.

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